The Best Way to
Check Your Product Market Fit

Get more reliable data than you can get with any
survey, focus group or market research


how it works

So you think you have the Next Big Thing...

Big Thing...

Now learn whether your target audience likes your idea or product and most importantly will they buy it?

Checking Your Product Market Fit

In 3-Steps

With the 3 page website created by
JungleProof for your product



Learn if the audience is
interested in your product

  • Upload photos and describe your product
  • If an appropriate number of visitors clicks on
    “Learn More” it means your idea is interesting



Check whether they will actually BUY
and test your price

  • Provide more details and put a price
  • If an appropriate number of visitors clicks on
    “Buy Now” it means your audience is ready to buy
    the product with the set price

P.S. and yes… that’s the best validation ;-)



Get Early Bird subscribers

  • Now that your visitors validated the price,
    inform them about the product's status
  • GET THEM SUBSCRIBED to send further updates.

Insightful Analytics

Don't know whether 5% or 15% conversion rate is good?

You don't have to

You will learn how well your product does based on
industry averages and benchmarks.


Promote your website and track
conversions with Jungleproof

Get Started

Not an ad expert? No worries. Our team of advertising
experts will drive relevant traffic to your website.


You don’t need to be a designer or developer to have a cool website for your product. The platform provides everything you need to create a website. JungleProof Template Editor is very easy to use. All you have to do is upload photos of your product and describe it.

You can create as many sites as you want for an unlimited number of products.

JungleProof enables to check the market fit by creating a unique 3-page e-commerce website that takes visitors through a very simplified decision-making process. When % of visitors who click on “Learn More” is enough (we have appropriate benchmarks to check), it means people are interested in the concept. If appropriate % of visitors clicks on the “Buy Now” button, it has been proven to be the best validation on testing potential customers’ intent to buy the product.

You can independently promote your website or use promotional packages offered by JungleProof to drive relevant traffic to your website.

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